Top FIVE questions to ask yourself before you sign up

Based on the questions we get most often.

  1. Usually, after the first few months you’ll be locked into the army for at least four years. Do you know when you can (and can’t) leave if you want to?
  2. One thing is unique to a soldier’s job: to kill and injure people. A soldier also risks being killed or badly injured themselves. Have you thought that through?
  3. You sign up for a specific army role, called a cap-badge, which you don’t have a right to change later. Are you sure you’re signing up for the role you want?
  4. Bullying, including sexism and racism, is common in the army. If it comes your way do you know how you’ll deal with it?
  5. Some soldiers love the army, some hate it. But do you know what they love and what they hate about it?

If the answers to any of these questions are ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’, go through this site to get some answers.

Talk to people who’ve been in the army – veterans who liked it and those who didn’t.

Talk it through with someone you trust, so you can make the best decision for yourself.