What do soldiers say about the army?

Soldiers tend to love some things about the army – and then there are other things they tend to hate about it, too.

Most soldiers say the best thing about the job is their army mates. Some like going to other parts of the world and keeping ‘army fit’, which most civvies don’t get to do. The army is also a steady paying job, which can be hard to find in civvie street – if you work hard and can get promoted, you can rise through the ranks.

Thumbs down

There are downsides, too. You have to do as you’re told, like it or not. You lose your rights – you can’t just leave the army if you don’t like it. War can leave you with injuries or mental health problems that stay with you for life. The army can also be very boring when there’s nothing to do and you’re stuck on your base.

The army takes you over and, one way or another, it changes you. For some soldiers, the army is everything, while others regret ever signing up.

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