What are the facts about sexism in the army?

The army is trying to deal with sexism but the army’s own statistics show that the problem has been getting worse in recent years.

Every year or two the army asks soldiers whether they’ve had problems with sexism.

In 2016, the advice of one female officer to women joining up was:

‘You are going into a male dominated environment. You should all be aspiring to meet the male standard. If you want to be respected by the males you are going to be working alongside, this is what you need to do.’

In 2018, 1 in 7 women in the army said they’d had a ‘particularly upsetting’ experience of sexual bullying in the last year. That’s about 1,000 women.

Girls under 18 in the army are twice as likely as civilian girls of the same age to report a sexual assault or rape.

Source: Army, 2015; Telegraph, 2016; MoD, 2020; Times, 2021.

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