What’s a soldier’s pay like?

Soldiers often complain about their pay, saying it doesn’t make up for the hardships of the army, though there are a few perks.

How much?

As of 2022, if you join up you’ll be on around £15,000/yr while you train.

This is actually below the minimum wage (£9.50/hr or about £19,700/yr), though while you’re in training you don’t have to pay for rent or food, and a few other things are free, too, like dental treatment.

When you finish training with the rank of private, you’ll be on around £20,400/yr.

If you do well you can expect to be promoted every two or three years or so. It usually takes 10-12 years to reach the rank of sergeant, which is paid at between £35,000/yr and £40,000/yr, although not many soldiers stay in the army that long. (For more detail, see career and pay).

What do soldiers think of their pay?

When asked in 2022 how satisfied they are with their pay, about a third of soldiers said they were satisfied, a third not satisfied, and a third neither one nor the other.

  • Satisfied: 38%.
  • Neutral: 29%.
  • Not satisfied: 33%.