Do soldiers like their job?

How many soldiers would recommend army life to their civvie mates? Every year the army asks soldiers exactly this question. Here’s the answer… 

According to the survey of soldiers in 2020, 46% – so just short of half – said they would recommend army life to others.

The same survey found that about 4 in 10 like army life and about 3 in 10 don’t (the rest are somewhere in the middle).

So, more soldiers like the army than don’t like it, but still fewer than half like it or would recommend it to others. If fact, civvie workers are quite a lot more likely than soldiers to say they enjoy their work.

Some people enjoy the army but it’s not for everyone. Are you in the 4 in 10 who would like it, or not?


  • SATISFIED: 44%.
  • Dissatisfied: 31%.
  • Neither: 25%.


  • SATISFIED: 63%.
  • Dissatisfied: 18%.
  • Neither: 19%.

Sources: Ministry of Defence, Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development

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